We provide life-changing academic and enrichment programs
to student-athletes.

About Us

At Student Program for Athletic and Academic Transitioning (SPAAT), we believe that no student-athlete should be left behind. We provide customized wrap around support services that help every student-athlete transition from their secondary education to the world of college, careers, and adulthood.

Today’s young adults are facing more hardships than previous generations, frequently with less guidance and support than their parents received. The average student to counselor ratio in California is 1:760. Education budget cuts, overcrowded schools, and an overall lack of awareness of just how difficult the transition from high school to adulthood is in today’s world are leaving many students behind when they graduate. This is especially challenging for student-athletes who may be solely focused on playing sports in college but need additional support due to their athletic commitments.

It’s easy to get lost in the world when you don’t have someone to guide you. We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. At SPAAT, we see it as our duty to fill in the gaps by providing the wraparound support that all student-athletes need to effectively transition into the next stage of their lives with confidence.

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Our Mission: To prepare student-athletes for success in college, careers, and life after sports.

Our Impact

Since 2003, SPAAT students have secured millions of dollars in academic and athletic scholarships.

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Our Programs

Our student-athlete mentoring programs combine a student’s passion for athletics with a respect for academic development.

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Our People

Our coaches, tutors and support staff embody the values of SPAAT – integrity, hustle, continuous learning and self-development.

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Success Stories

The SPAAT All Academic Team award is an important, and appreciated reminder, to me that organizations such as SPAAT stand behind and support Oakland athletes even once they move on to college.

Caroline GarrettOakland Technical and Wake Forest graduate

SPAAT helped me to realize there is more to life than the streets and a college education would be my ticket to success. It helped me to change my life and is an excellent resource for many students who need someone to turn to.

Johnny TerrellHumboldt State University graduate