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The Problem We’re Solving

Many student-athletes encounter systematic discriminatory practices that lead to the following challenges in trying to graduate high school, or attend a college or university of their choice:
  • Lack of positive role models in their community or school
  • Lack of information regarding the college application process
  • Limited access to college preparatory programs
  • Reduced expectations from their community 
  • Inadequate preparation due to poor educational facilities and resources
 In our community too many Oakland students are under-performing:
  • Less than 17% of African American students are proficient in English and math
  • Only 37% of black and brown students graduate
  • Less than 25% of African American males graduate college-ready

How We Help

Our student-athlete model provides advocacy and programs steer young people away from crime, alcohol and drugs and guide them down a different path.

We’re 100% redefining the notion of a student-athlete in Oakland.

Our programs transform the lives of over 600 student-athletes every year.


of our college-bound students are from low-income families


of our students are first-generation college-bound students


increased college readiness


high school graduation rate


graduate college-ready


accepted to a college or university of their choice

What Do Our Students Say?

  • 90% feel they do more classwork
  • 89% feel greater connections to caring adults
  • 89% feel they have increased confidence and self-esteem
  • 90% feel they have improved decision-making and goal setting 
  • 100% feel they have learned skills they will need in the future

Our Future

Our College & Career Performance Initiative maps out our future.

Our 4-year goal is to expand our programs to serve every high school and middle school in the Oakland Unified School District.

This plan includes:
  • Serving a minimum of 2,300 district students and families
  • Increasing student attendance and graduation rates
  • Increasing CSU/UC (a-g) completion rates
  • Increasing a college-going culture and college completion rates
  • Increasing parent involvement and engagement
  • Increasing the number of students receiving academic and athletic scholarships
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