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Our student-athlete programs use sport to drive academic achievement

SPAAT’s development programs use a curriculum that connects with a student’s familiarity and passion for sports.

We deliver programs in middle and high schools through advising services, tutoring sessions, college planning, recruiting advisory, self-development seminars, and motivational speakers.

Our program goals are to:
  • Increase student attendance and grow a college-going culture
  • Increase English and math proficiency rates
  • Increase graduation rates
  • Increase the number of students who graduate CSU/UC (a-g) eligible
  • Increase the number of students receiving academic and athletic scholarships
SPAAT students must:
  • Be in a middle or high school sports team
  • Be committed to maintaining a minimum 2.5 GPA
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Academic Performance Training

Academic Skill Building

Our workshops cover core subject areas including algebra and English. Consistent one on one and group tutoring, along with academic performance training sessions, help to improve grades, test scores and academic confidence.

Academic & Athletic Case Management

We work with teachers and coaching staff to check the academic and athletic progress of our student-athletes. We use reports, completed by faculty and coaches, and self-reporting, completed by students, in regular academic progress meetings with SPAAT staff.

Academic Advising & College Planning

Our Student Athlete Transcript Evaluation System (SATES) helps high school student athletes increase rates of high school graduation, "a-g" completion, college eligibility and NCAA qualification. This data tool analyzes students’ transcripts by identifying grade point average, credit deficiencies and core courses earned hence providing our student athletes with a clear assessment of their academic performance. We are then able to help students to visualize and map their goals and plans for high-school graduation and college entrance requirements.

SAT & ACT Awareness

At the beginning of their junior year, we tutor students in a seven-week SAT or ACT preparation course and set them up for success.

Athletic Performance Training

Student-Athlete Camps

Our student-athlete camps give education across academics, college readiness, nutritional awareness, physical fitness, financial fitness and personal development. The camps include tests, evaluations, workshops and motivational speakers.

Athletes CODE

Featuring workshops, conferences, field trips and events, in our Athletes CODE program we expose students to skills and networks that guide them to exciting opportunities in sports, technology and entrepreneurship.


#Sprint2College provides one-on-one college admissions advice and guides student-athletes through the entire process, from college planning to the NCAA eligibility registration.

College Conditioning

Our ‘College Playbook – The guide for the college-bound student-athlete’ is a unique resource that conditions students for success in college.

How We Work

Our trained Academic Coaches and College Advisors:
  • Deliver our ‘College Playbook: The Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete’ curriculum
  • Set up weekly study labs at schools for each sports team
  • Provide academic mentoring, advocacy and life skills
  • Integrate college, career and entrepreneurship programs for students, staff and parents.

Each year we host a prestigious red carpet event, the Oakland ESPY Awards, which recognizes the achievements of our students.